I Have a Story: Thrillophilia

I recently did a post on the only reason that compels someone to buy stuff from you – the business owner.

Therein, I suggested how every visitor on your website, or every sales enquiry you receive, is from a person who wants you to solve his problem.

He wants you to help him become richer, stronger, healthier, and happier. He wants you to help him ease his problem so that he can sleep peacefully at night.

So, he wants to buy what you sell. That’s why he approaches you.

But the moot question here is – How do you make him love to buy from you?

The answer – Tell him a story.

Tell him a story that he wants to believe, not what you want him to believe.

Tell him how his problem can be solved, not how only you can solve his problem.

Don’t convince him to buy something that he doesn’t want or need. Instead, help him overcome his objections to buy from you.

Remember, every prospect is a worried man. There is an uneasiness that lurks in his mind.

I Have a Story
At Copywriter In India, I am starting this new initiative called “I Have a Story” that will project small Indian businesses or startups who have a great story to tell to their prospects, and who have already take a leap over their competitors in their storytelling.

We start with Thrillophilia, an adventure sports company based out of the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore.

Here is the story of Thrillophilia, in the words of its co-founder, Abhishek Daga.

1. What is your story?
Passionate for adventure and outdoors, identifying a gap in Indian adventure travel market and having a burning desire to start something of our own, I & Chitra (Chitra Gurnani Daga, Co-Founder & CEO) founded Thrillophilia, India’s biggest adventure sports web portal in 2009.

What we do? High quality managed experience for Offbeat travel is Thrillophilia’s unique expertise. Be it corporate team outings or individual travellers, Thrillophilia provides a thrilling, adventurous and unconventional holiday for all.

The great Himalayan treks, especially trekking in Ladakh with the most scenic views, desert safari in Rajasthan, caving in Meghalaya, Indian wildlife and many more are some of the popular Indian adventures which we expertise in.

Thrillophilia.com is also a storehouse of information for adventure destinations in the country which could help you plan your next adventure trip.

Thrillophilia also captures the changing trend of the corporate market from regular team dinners to day out in the outdoors, from classroom training to offbeat training outbounds in the outdoors adding an element of high energy and thrill in them.

2. What is your prospect’s biggest problem that your business is trying to solve?
Providing an end to end managed experience for an offbeat corporate outbound or for the FITs (frequent individual travellers).

a. We take care of the stay, thrilling activities, training sessions, transport, fun and team bonding – a one of its kind of unique managed experience with lot of small leanings from whatever we do in course of the entire program.

b. For the FITs, our associations with the best vendors in adventure industry make them feel safe and sure during the treks, camps and any other adventure activity. Utmost care is taken in choosing the minute details like the guides, experts, drivers and places to stay so that everything becomes once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. What are you doing that your competitors are not doing yet?
“Customer Delight” is what we focus on and the outdoor and sales team at Thrillophilia ensures that we reach there. 99% of our customers are not only satisfied but also delighted with our services. None of our competitors in this industry actually focus on that.

4. What happens if this fails?
“Never give up” is what we believe in. Being entrepreneurs, we are highly optimistic about our business model, will keep on bringing innovation in all our products adding more and more delight to them. Also the trends in the market and initial response from customers have strengthened our hopes for growth in the offbeat travel and adventure industry.

5. When your story is written, what will be the last famous words?
Some roads are rough & often less travelled; that is what makes it a thrilling ride.
The entrepreneurial journey puts one to test; that is what ignites the daring side.
It seems like a never ending path; that is when brave soldiers fight.
Quitting is easy; Staying is hard but right.
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Attitude matters and soon it makes the challenge an addiction.
And then your mind, body and soul all unite to reach the vocation.

And yes, the “Thrillophiles” stand for it – “Daring to Dare yourselves”.

Want to tell your business story to the world out there? Just write to me.


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